For over 6 months we were searching for a top swiss and upcoming international Rainbow Six team and we finally found them!

It is with great honor that we want to present you our main 5 Rainbow Six Siege players:

Vasco „SHAACOO“ Almeida

Jorge „W4n6staa“ Oliveira

Matheus „Filedinho“ Assis

David „serbiano.“ Malic

Manuel „M3lk0r“ Engrola

The mixed Swiss and Portuguese players formed the team only a week ago and we already could see some great scrim results against strong swiss and german teams. I myself had the valuable experience to play with the guys for many hours and their temperament and love for the game is just a perfect match for us.

We expect a lot of them and we are ready to support them in any way possible for us!

Together with this new acquisition, we decided to move our already existing swiss Rainbow Six stack to our Academy branch „Babos United“. These people have incredible potential and we are sure they will be able to benefit from our new main team as well.

Stay strong and bite them as hard as you can