Babos Gaming is a swiss esports organization competing in 10+ games. For our League of Legends roster, we are looking for a new toplaner.


What we are looking for:

  • At least D4 toplane main
  • Teamplayer
  • Fluent german / swissgerman
  • Able to train at least 2 – 3 times per week
  • Willing to participate on LANs (SwitzerLAN, PolyLAN)
  • Ambitious, self-disciplined character
  • A non-toxic attitude and the ability to communicate properly
  • Resident in Switzerland, Germany or Austria


What we offer:

  • Division 3 placement in PrimeLeague
  • A friendly family like community
  • A chill atmosphere with a lot of room for improvement and constructive criticism
  • Social events throughout the year
  • Possibility of financial support (e.g. LAN-tickets, transportation costs)
  • 100% prize pool distributed to the team

If you are interested, contact us through Twitter DM or contact Maxcraft(Maxcraft#3764) directly through discord.

The rest of the team: